Christianity & World Religions: Wrestling with Questions People Ask

AD145 A six week study by Adam Hamilton to help Christians better understand the faith of others in our diverse world. Interviews with religious leaders from each of the following: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Hamilton urges Christians to build bridges with others so that we might grow in our faith, seek peace in our world, love our neighbor, and find positive ways to share the gospel.  Includes DVD, Pastor’s guide and Leader’s guide. DVD running time: 15 minutes. Copyright 2005 by Abingdon Press.

abUSed: The Postville Raid

AD144 DVD documentary by Luis Argueta of the brutal immigration raid (executed by the Department of Homeland Security) at Agriprocessors Inc., kosher slaughterhouse and meat packing plant in Postville, Iowa. Hundreds of immigrant workers were arrested and subsequently convicted of fraud, served five months in prison and then deported.  Film shows the devastating effects of US Immigration enforcement policies on children, families and communities. Published by NewDay.

Uppity Women of the Bible: Judith

AD 143d A six session DVD series examining the story of an Uppity Woman who took things into her own hands, including the head of a brutal warrior chief.  Led by Rev. Dr. Lisa M. Wolfe, take a tour of the Book of Judith. Includes DVD and downloadable discussion questions and resources.  DVD running time: 5-15 minutes each.  Copyright 2010,, LLC.

Uppity Women of the Bible: Esther

AD 143c Six session DVD study guided by Rev. Dr. Lisa M Wolfe focusing on the book of Esther. Enter into an exotic and fanciful Persian kingdom complete with a dim-witted king, a defiant queen, an egotistical lieutenant and a loyal uncle.  Includes DVD and downloadable discussion questions and resources.  DVD running times: 5-15 minutes each.  Copyright 2010, LLC.

Uppity Women of the Bible: Song of Songs

AD 143b Explore the mysterious Song of Songs (aka Song of Solomon) with Rev. Dr. Lisa M. Wolfe. Includes six session DVD with downloadable discussion questions & resources.  DVD running times: 5-15 minutes each.  Copyright 2010, LLC

Uppity Women of the Bible: Ruth

AD 143a A seven session DVD journey with Rev. Dr. Lisa Wolfe appropriate for any study group, with or without a leader. DVD running times: 5-15 minutes.  Downloadable discussion questions available. Copyright 2010, LLC.

The Challenge of Jesus

AD142 The Challenge of Jesus is a powerful new progressive Christian resource.  Historical Jesus scholar, John Dominic Crossan, introduces us to the flesh and blood people who shaped the world into which Jesus was born.  Includes 16 video sessions and resource guide.  DVD running time 15 - 18 minutes each.  Resource guide includes discussion starters, in-depth questions, fully transcribed program text & photos.  Copyright 2013 by the D.L. Dykes, Jr. Foundation and SarDom, Inc. (

Sent, Delivering the Gift of Hope

AD141 A five week all-church Advent journey to discover how, where, and why we are sent.  Includes DVD, leader guide, children’s leader guide, youth study book. DVD running times are just under 10 minutes each. Copyright 2015 Abingdon Press.

Under Wraps, The Gift We Never Expected

AD140 An all-church Advent experience exploring the character of God and revealed through Jesus.  Four sessions plus bonus week includes DVD, worship ideas and visuals, sermon lead in videos, preaching guides, leader guide, children’s leader guide and youth study book.  DVD running time: about 15 minutes each, closed captioned.  Copyright 2014 Abingdon Press.

Faith and Reason Series IV

AD139 13 discussions by scholars and authors including Marcus Borg, Walter Brueggemann, Joan Chittister, John Dominic Crossan, Amy-Jill Levine and Phyllis Tickel. Topics include morality, homosexuality, sin, resurrection, salvation, spirituality…. Copyright 2005 The D.L. Dykes, Jr. Foundation.

Faith and Reason Series II

AD138 13 video programs on prayer, forgiveness, fear, healing, suffering, resurrection, faith……  led by scholars and authors (including Marcus Borg, Walter Brueggemann, Joan Chittister, John Dominic Crossan, Amy-Jill Levine and Phyllis Tickel. Copyright 2005 The D.L. Dykes, Jr. Foundation.

The Change that Changes Everything

AD137 Seminar by Richard Rohr.  Four lectures: 1) How we see and how we don’t see; 2) Contemplation as an alternate consciousness 3) The rediscovery of seeing; 4) Implications for religion, relationships and politics approximately 1 hour each. Q & A sessions included. Downloadable study guides available. Copyright 2011 The D.L. Dykes, Jr. Foundation

The Heart of Christianity

AD136 Marcus Borg explores Christian thought beyond the merely intellectually “correct,” finding seeds of a new passion for social & economic justice. Two DVDs include four lectures. Faith and Reason Video by D.L. Dykes Foundation, copyright 2004.

Houston: Confronting Poverty from the Heart of Faith

AD135 Presentations & discussions recorded live from the organizing event that united religious progressives, academics, and justice activist to act in solidarity to promote economic justice.  Four DVDs ranging in length from 1 to 2 hours. Copyright 2015 The D.L. Dykes, Jr. Foundation.

The Ten Commandments: Laws of the Heart

AD134 Two disk DVD set contains 12 video sessions, each 15 to 18 minutes long with Resource Guide and downloadable PDFs for each participant.  Copyright 2013 The D.L. Dykes, Jr. Foundation.