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John, The Gospel of Light and Life

AD155 Six session DVD study by Hamilton exploring the major themes of John:  The Word Made Flesh; the Miraculous Signs of Jesus; The “I AM” Sayings of Jesus; The Farewell Discourse; The Arrest, Trial, and Crucifixion of the King; and Eternal Life. Study includes the DVD, book, youth study book, and leader guides for both adults and children. DVD running times range between 12 and 16 minutes per session. Copyright 2015 by Abingdon Press.

White Earth

AD151 Oscar Nominated true tale of an oil boom seen through unexpected eyes.  Three children and an immigrant mother brave a North Dakota winter and explore themes of innocence, home and the American Dream. DVD includes a 20 minute theatrical version (close captioned, 5.1 Surround Sound); bonus features include a 10 minute alternative version, (Solitary Plains) as well as an official trailer.  Copyright 2015 by J. Christian Jensen.

Sent, Delivering the Gift of Hope

AD141 A five week all-church Advent journey to discover how, where, and why we are sent.  Includes DVD, leader guide, children’s leader guide, youth study book. DVD running times are just under 10 minutes each. Copyright 2015 Abingdon Press.

Under Wraps, The Gift We Never Expected

AD140 An all-church Advent experience exploring the character of God and revealed through Jesus.  Four sessions plus bonus week includes DVD, worship ideas and visuals, sermon lead in videos, preaching guides, leader guide, children’s leader guide and youth study book.  DVD running time: about 15 minutes each, closed captioned.  Copyright 2014 Abingdon Press.

The Call: The Life & Message of The Apostle Paul

AD133 Six session DVD with adult & children’s leader guides by Adam Hamilton.  DVD running times: 10 to 18 minutes per session.  Topics included:  1) Called to follow Christ; 2) Called to go; 3) Called to suffer; 4) Called to love; 5) Called to give; 6) Called to be faithful.  Copyright 2015 Abingdon Press.

Down By the Riverside

AD131 Bible stories by storyteller Valerie Tutson includes The Baptism, Woman at the Well, and Walking on Water.  DVD running times per story - 10 to 11 minutes.  Copyright Valerie Tutson 1999

Holy Moly: Post Resurrection Stories

CD70 Holy Moly, Year 1, Unit 5 Post Resurrection Stories:  #1 Thomas Believes (John 20:19-29)  #2 Breakfast with Jesus  (John 21:1-14)   #3 The Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20 & Mark 16:14-18)  #4 Jesus Ascends  (Luke 24: 36-53). DVD & booklet. Copyright 2014, SparkHouse

Holy Moly 12 New Testament Stories - Year 2

CD 69 DVD & Storybook  Twelve more stories from the New Testament: John the Baptist, Calling Disciples, Teach Us to pray, Calming the Storm, Walking on Water, Zachaeus, Water to Wine, Jesus Feeds 5,000, Road to Emmaus, Pentecost, Saul Becomes Paul, Paul & Silas.  Copyright 2013 SparkHouse.

The Sign of the Beaver

Y126 DVD based on the Newbery Honor Book by Elizabeth George Speare.  A colonial family seeks a new life in the Maine wilderness in 1768.  13 year old Matt is left alone to protect the family’s claim and develops a deep friendship with a young Penobscot Indian. Running time 93 minutes.  Questar Entertainment.

The Legend of Tillamook’s Gold

Y125  DVD Story of a 14 year old girl who finds an ancient coin on the beach and uncovers a local Native-American legend about a long lost mountain treasure.  Winner of “Best Family Film” at the Newport Beach Film Festival.  Running time 107 minutes. Questar Entertainment

Spirit Bear

Y124 DVD True story of 15 year old Simon Jackson (named one of Time Magazine’s “Heroes for the Planet”), who showed the world how one person can make a difference. After being rescued in the remote wilderness by a rare white Kermode bear (Spirit Bear), he learns the bears are an endangered species.  Simon becomes a political activist and takes on the forest industry and the government.  Through his work, 2,500 square miles of Princess Royal Island were protected to preserve the Spirit Bear’s natural habitat.  Running time: 91 minutes.  Questar Entertainment.

Holy Moly - 4 Stories for Holy Week & Easter

CD64  Four animated DVD stories for Holy Week and Easter for grades K-4.  Same stories available in poem storybook form (CD65).  Copyright 2012 SparkHouse.

Holy Moly - 12 New Testament Stories

CD62  Twelve new Testament animated stories on DVD for grades K-4.  Storybook in porem form of same stories also available (CD63).  Copyright 2012 SparkHouse.

Around the Moringa Tree

AD92  Five session intergenerational Bible study with DVD and booklet on Mission and Ministry.  Presented by Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and the Presbyterian Hunger Program.

Holy Moly - 4 Stories for Advent and Christmas

CD 59  Four animated DVD stories for Advent and Christmas for grades K through 4.  Sames stories available in poem storybook form (CD60).  Copyright 2012 SparkHouse.