John, The Gospel of Light and Life

AD155 Six session DVD study by Hamilton exploring the major themes of John:  The Word Made Flesh; the Miraculous Signs of Jesus; The “I AM” Sayings of Jesus; The Farewell Discourse; The Arrest, Trial, and Crucifixion of the King; and Eternal Life. Study includes the DVD, book, youth study book, and leader guides for both adults and children. DVD running times range between 12 and 16 minutes per session. Copyright 2015 by Abingdon Press.

Half Truths

AD154 A five session Adam Hamilton DVD study exploring popular sayings that miss the point:  Everything Happens for a Reason; God Helps Those Who Help Themselves; God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle; God Said It, I believe It, That Settles It; Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin. Bonus: Thistle Farms. Study includes DVD, book, youth study guide and leader guides for both youth and adults. Session running times - 12 to 17 minutes each. Copyright 2016 by Abingdon Press.

Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White

AD153 Five session video study with Adam Hamilton featuring the following topics: Where Faith and Politics Meet; Christ, Christians & Culture Wars; How Should We Live?  The Ethics of Jesus; Spiritual Maturity and Seeing Gray; and What Would Jesus Say to America? Two bonus features: National Seal and Adam’s Story:  Pro-Life with a Heavy Heart.  Includes DVD & Leader Guide.  Running times range from 15 to 19 minutes per session. Copyright 2008 by Abingdon Press.

The Power of Forgiveness

AD152 A four part study  ringing the concept of forgiveness into focus as we relate to God and to each other.  Includes DVD and study guide.  Total running time - 40 minutes. Copyright 2005 by Paraclete Press, Inc.

White Earth

AD151 Oscar Nominated true tale of an oil boom seen through unexpected eyes.  Three children and an immigrant mother brave a North Dakota winter and explore themes of innocence, home and the American Dream. DVD includes a 20 minute theatrical version (close captioned, 5.1 Surround Sound); bonus features include a 10 minute alternative version, (Solitary Plains) as well as an official trailer.  Copyright 2015 by J. Christian Jensen.

Trigger: the Ripple Effect of Gun Violence

AD150 Documentary sharing the story of how gun violence impacts individuals and communities and examines the “ripple effect” that one shooting has on a survivor, a family, a community and a society. It moves the conversation away from polarizing extremes toward voices who seek common ground and a new way forward. Includes a study and action guide.  Running time - 54 minutes. Copyright 2013 by Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.

Grieving the Sudden Death of a Loved One

AD149 A sixty minute DVD providing support, wisdom, and counsel from experts of many backgrounds. This video will take you through 17 segments from “the impact of a sudden death to the pain of reality to yielding to the season of grief.” Copyright 2012 by Paraclete Press, Inc.

Helping Children Grieve

AD148 Resource of helpful information on how to help children of all ages grieve with hope and heart. Four topic DVD includes discussion guide. Running time - 55 minutes.  Copyright 2009 by Paraclete Press, Inc.

Helping Parents Grieve

AD147 Especially pertinent DVD to parents who have experienced the death of a child as well as those who aim to help someone who is grieving. Five topics covered in a 60 minute DVD. Discussion guide included. Copyright 2011 by Paraclete Press, Inc.

Changed Forever: Grieving the Death of Someone You Love

AD146 Eight segment DVD featuring testimonies and discussions with grief experts about how to integrate the loss you have experienced and the accompanying grief, into a life that is changed forever. Includes DVD and discussion guide. Running time - 49.5 minutes. Copyright 2015 by Paraclete Press, Inc.

Christianity & World Religions: Wrestling with Questions People Ask

AD145 A six week study by Adam Hamilton to help Christians better understand the faith of others in our diverse world. Interviews with religious leaders from each of the following: Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Hamilton urges Christians to build bridges with others so that we might grow in our faith, seek peace in our world, love our neighbor, and find positive ways to share the gospel.  Includes DVD, Pastor’s guide and Leader’s guide. DVD running time: 15 minutes. Copyright 2005 by Abingdon Press.

abUSed: The Postville Raid

AD144 DVD documentary by Luis Argueta of the brutal immigration raid (executed by the Department of Homeland Security) at Agriprocessors Inc., kosher slaughterhouse and meat packing plant in Postville, Iowa. Hundreds of immigrant workers were arrested and subsequently convicted of fraud, served five months in prison and then deported.  Film shows the devastating effects of US Immigration enforcement policies on children, families and communities. Published by NewDay.

Uppity Women of the Bible: Judith

AD 143d A six session DVD series examining the story of an Uppity Woman who took things into her own hands, including the head of a brutal warrior chief.  Led by Rev. Dr. Lisa M. Wolfe, take a tour of the Book of Judith. Includes DVD and downloadable discussion questions and resources.  DVD running time: 5-15 minutes each.  Copyright 2010,, LLC.

Uppity Women of the Bible: Esther

AD 143c Six session DVD study guided by Rev. Dr. Lisa M Wolfe focusing on the book of Esther. Enter into an exotic and fanciful Persian kingdom complete with a dim-witted king, a defiant queen, an egotistical lieutenant and a loyal uncle.  Includes DVD and downloadable discussion questions and resources.  DVD running times: 5-15 minutes each.  Copyright 2010, LLC.

Uppity Women of the Bible: Song of Songs

AD 143b Explore the mysterious Song of Songs (aka Song of Solomon) with Rev. Dr. Lisa M. Wolfe. Includes six session DVD with downloadable discussion questions & resources.  DVD running times: 5-15 minutes each.  Copyright 2010, LLC